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TotalPRO® leverages a global points system to allow people to earn points in a variety of ways. Choose recognition and rewards initiatives that reinforce your brand values while making a measurable impact on your bottom line.
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  TotalPRO® can allow your employees the opportunity to earn rewards that are meaningful to them. But most of all, it conveys to your people a powerful message... “This is a great place to work!”  

Name Brand Merchandise

Dittman provides brand-name merchandise rewards. A plateau- or points-based system rewards achievers with a selection of consumer products including electronics, sporting goods, toys, household items, jewelry, and more.

Modular Solution

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retailer gift cardsRetailer Gift Cards

Achievers can instantly enjoy shopping options with gift cards from popular retailers, redeemable online or at tens of thousands of retail locations. Many gift cards can be delivered virtually to computer or smart phone, so a winner can earn points and head out to dinner within minutes.


TicketsEvents Tickets

Concerts, sporting events, and special events are a TotalPRO Event Tickets option. Whether it’s college basketball, NFL football, the Dave Matthews Band, or Wrestlemania, your winners enjoy a wide range of entertainment choices.


Individual Travel

There is nothing more motivational (or appreciated) than travel rewards. With TotalPRO, people may create their own vacation (with the help of our white-glove concierge service) or choose a fantastic travel package.


Group Travel

When your enrichment program calls for dramatic recognition and reward, Dittman delivers world-class travel experiences engraved into memory for years and years, and forever associated with the corporate sponsor.


Debit Cards

With virtually limitless redemption choices, debit cards can be branded with your logo or theme. Top-of-wallet positioning creates top-of-mind awareness of your brand and your program. Cards can be pre-loaded or reloadable.


On-the-Spot Awards

Recognize people in the moment. Fully custom branded cards, each with a unique code, can be awarded on-the-spot, ideally in view of co-workers. The recipients go online to your customized website to enter their codes and redeem for awards or add points to their accounts.


Recognition by Managers and Peers

It is often said that the best reward is personal recognition, plain and simple. TotalPRO facilitates the process by alerting managers to special occasions. Managers can easily produce certificates and eCards directly online. With TotalPRO, you’ll see those cards and certificates proudly displayed at workstations everywhere.




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