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TotalPRO® leverages a global points system to allow people to earn points in a variety of ways. Select recognition and rewards initiatives that reinforce your brand values while making a measurable impact on your bottom line.
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  TotalPRO® provides a features-rich, enterprise-wide platform to manage your employee recognition and rewards programs. This modular solution gives you a great way to engage top performers across all areas of your company.  

Sales Incentives

Run incremental, performance-based sales contests simultaneously or sequentially. View leaderboards of top performers and enjoy real-time tracking with a dynamic dashboard. With individual and team tracking, you can bring best-practices to everyone.


outstanding tools
across All Modules

Manager’s Toolbox: Helps managers leverage the power of recognition with ‘How To,’tips to run successful programs, employee service and anniversary alerts, and more.

Run Multiple Promotions Simultaneously: Launch, administer, communicate, reward, and measure numerous programs or contests.

Administer Any Reward Structure: points based with rewards merchandise mall, tiered or plateau programs, travel incentives, branded debit or gift cards.

On-demand Program Communications: beautifully designed promotional campaigns are at your fingertips with customizable content including eCards, posters, flyers, eMail, and more!

e-Statements: reminds employees about the rewards they’ve earned and where to collect their rewards.




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Recognition Programs

Employees are the fundamental building block of any business, and TotalPRO lets you highlight their achievements. Keep track of performance and generate real time reports with your complete Manager’s Toolbox.


Referral Programs

Attract like-minded employees or “carbon copy” your best customers with referral programs. The TotalPRO closed-loop system gives you a great way to promote referral programs like refer-a-friend, new business referrals, and employee referrals.


Knowledge Programs

Motivate and recognize employees for reaching learning objectives by demonstrating their product knowledge and understanding of corporate values. TotalPRO gives you coaching opportunities and the ability to conduct and administer surveys.



Your employees have bright ideas to improve daily business, products, and customer service. Implement a TotalPRO suggestion center by which their ideas can be heard. Encourage engagement with online employee voting for the best ideas.


Years-of-Service Awards

Every employee is important to the overall performance of your company. Recognize your employees’ years of service with awards and anniversary emails. Reminders make it easy for managers to keep track.


Wellness Programs

Start your corporate wellness with a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and biometric testing to determine the overall wellness of your company’s employees. Team challenges, action plans, and coaching help improve wellness, reduce absenteeism, and produce irrefutable ROI.


Safety Programs

When safety is a matter of corporate pride and an integral part of your brand culture, use TotalPRO online and/or paper-based solutions to recognize what matters most... the safety of your people and the effect on your bottom line.




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